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I drew this today because I got bored.
It's Akari!
This is her re-vamped I guess you could say.
She took a trip to the Re-Vamp Salon.
Haha lol.
But yes, her eyes are violet if you were going to draw her.

Name: Akari Yokimiitsu
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Birthday: February 14th
Eye Color: Purple
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 98 lbs.
Weapon: Double Guns, Is a Magician as well, Has a staff and uses magic powers, can summon her guardian, Arane. Arane is a giant wolf like creature with special abilites.
Love Interest: Zexion
Personality: Sweet, curious, embarrasses easily, athletic, short tempered, over reactive.
Symbol: A Spade
Current Residence: A House On Destiny Islands
Likes: Music, Wolves, Magic, Frilly Things, Fluffy Things, Animals, Flowers, Toast, CuppiiCakes(LYKE OMG NO WAI!), Sweets, Manga
Dislikes: Birds, Evil, Bugs, Vexen(Akari: He scares me ;0; Vexen: HEY! D=< )
History: Akari was abandoned by her parents when she was a small child. She holds a great deal of power and they assumed it would turn from pure to evil. They frightened for their lives and left her in the countryside. One day as she was journeying, a man appeared with a very large bird, far to large to sit on anyone's shoulder, staying close to him. They attacked her without warning because she was the child of an ancient prophecy that foretold that she and her brigade would save the world and defeat the darkness. She was near death when a large wolf like creature appeared and saved her life. Ever since then, Akari and Arane have traveled together. But currently, Akari lives in Destiny Islands while Arane traveled to far off mountains. So when Akari begins her journey, she must summon him and he will come, but only while he is needed. He will evaporate into the air until he returns truly to Akari's side.

Haha, I'm done.

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Kingdom Hearts Fan Art
akari, arane, mage, magic, magician, strawberriitea, summon, summoning
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