Michiyo Shimizu (Fan Art Portfolio) Monochromatic Nostalgia

Monochromatic Nostalgia
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I just finished coloring this picture last night while I was on theO chat x) It was just a little idea/concept that I had in my head. I felt like going back to this one park nearby our house and I remember feeling pretty good being there because:

1) There was a pretty sunset that late afternoon
2) Listening to L'arc~en~Ciel music made it better 8D~
3) It was relaxing and peaceful at the park before dark xD

So I wanted to make a "nostalgic" picture ^_^ and so I used Mikuni, her thoughts are sometimes pretty nostalgic since she's lost her grandmother but she knows she's with her. (Not in the picture 8D;) She used to feel sad but she feels happy remembering the good memories from Earth x)

Eto~ I also wanted to make a monochromatic picie.. like this one..

http://shirleyfoxcc.deviantart.com/art/black-rock-shooter-92221598 (She's also a great artist at DA ~ she's a KHR addict xD w00t and yet she's more into the KHR yaoi pairings.. orozu''' but great drawings! ^_^)

But that's the kind of coloring effect I wanted~ 8O *blames my prisma pencils for not having the right hues... I guess)

I hope you guys enjoy and this piece is dedicated to babydensity because she's a great wallpaper maker and she's very kind and sweet too... and she made me tons of wallpapers in the past ~ D: so this is for her ^_^ Hope you like it, yeni xD ~

Oh yeah, *stabs scanner for ruining color! 8D* lmao ~

Time taken: 4-5 hours all together? *shrug* coloring was probably 2-3 hours
Materials used: paper, pencil, prismacolor pencils (needs copics ;____;)

EDIT: fixed color/lighting levels on PS.. xD

EDIT2: I forgot to explain about the straw/bubbles... it's both a blowing bubbles straw and a lollipop... she's blowing candy bubbles through a little hole on the lollipop that exerts some inner liquid in the lollipop through the straw and allows the person to blow candy bubbles! >;; lol *shot for a crazy invention*

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