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erm....more chibis!!! YAAAAAY!!!


so, where should i start? i luv drawing chibis (as some of you may know) and i thought up a cute zack x aerith one. and here it is!!! :) they're in baby form no less, cuz i wanted to draw one of them sleeping. and apparently the one sleeping is zack :3

i had to color this one in a second time because the night i was trying to color it in i almost threw my computer across the room. you have no idea how many problems my comp was given me. nontheless, anything i was coloring got deleted cuz it froze on me (and i had to shut it off). does my comp hate me that much!?!?! apparently so...-_-"

andandand...!!! i luv zack x aerith :3 theyre EXTREMLY adorable together!!!!! too bad they both died...at least they get to be together after death, though. they reunite in the lifestream!! :D that makes a happy ending for me, even if they both are....dead....

oh! and to that person (who is not on theOtaku) that owns a picture who is COMPLETELY against zack and aerith being in ff7 doesn't mean ZACK AND AERITH ARE POINTLESS CHARACTERS!!!!!! maybe you don't like magic users, that's understandable. some people prefer people who don't fight with magic. others do prefer magic fighters. but zack being in the game is pointless cuz he only got a couple seconds of fame!?!?! LETS REMEMBER PEOPLE, IF IT WASN'T FOR ZACK, OUR BLONDE SPIKY-HAIRED EMO FRIEND WOULDN'T HAVE HIS ROLE IN FF7 NOR WOULD FF7 BE EVEN CREATED (the horror)!!!! remember, if zack wasn't muredered, how would cloud have his role? so zack had a very important role! don't dis my fav character or i'll find you >:O

and with that said, i really don't care who's in my party when i play the game. i just kinda says "i'll put you in and you in and you too". i just pick characters that i think would make a good pair together, so i like all types of characters :) AND I LIKE MAGIC USERS CUZ THEY CAN HEAL MY PARTY AND KEEP ME FROM DYING!!!!!! when aerith died, i thought my party was screwed :P

and yes, i see mistakes on my picture. i'm sorry, i'll try and fix them sometime. but i still have reports and summer reading to do before school starts (sept 3rd). so i dunno when i'll fix 'em, but i will when i can. and btw, the bg is suppose to be stars in a sky. i got that idea when listening to "walking in the air" (by nightwish) but it kinda looks like snow...sorry bout that. i tried for a real bg but...failed. and as for aerith's eyes, i didn't know how to do them. so they kinda look all wrong. sorrysorrysorry.

and my fav part of the picture is how zack came out :) i think he looks so adorable!!!! *glomps zack* aerith didn't come out bad, i guess, but look how adorable zack is when he sleeps!!! X3

and i don't think my next picture will be a chibi one because i have to get my art trade up for my friend duong!!! i'm sorry to keep you waiting, duong!!! please forgive me!!! it'll be done soon!!!

votes(hugs) and comment are always welcomed :D


Final Fantasy VII Fan Art
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