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Goodbye World
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alternative titles: "Let Me Die Alone"; "Tạm biệt"


this was just for practice....and fun :) i was craving to color something in with pastels one day, so i just decided to draw a random vincent valentine picture. and here it is!!!

i'm sorry it doesn't look good....i rarely color in with pastels. i wasn't even expecting perfection when i colored this in. i just said: "i need to have fun and color it in as freely as i want to" and that's what i did :) maybe i should've taken it more seriously?? i dunno....

i was also trying blood. i didn't know how to do the blood though...i didn't even have enough red pastels to make the blood look good. i had about two different reds, and that's all i could use ): i wish i knew where all the rest of them went...and the blue 'n black bg is suppose to be the floor. i didn't know how to do that either...-_-"

so why did i color this in with pastels? besides for fun, when i was little i use to take the chalk from my teachers chalk board and keep it. lots of kids in my class did :P and than i would take all this random colorful paper and use the chalk on it. i use to also have this mini chalkboard when i was little. always used that too (until it wasn't usable) :) maybe that's why. pastels are chalk (right?), and i just didn't feel like using colored pencils or a computer.

and i tried to make vincent look like he was in a coffin. guess that didn't exactly go to plan(?) i was using just the pen and pastels and really didn't care if it didn't look good...I WILL TRY TO MAKE A BETTER PICTURE OF VINCENT IN A COFFIN!!!!! love how his hair came out though :) dunno why, i just do.

and the words in the corner were suppose to look like they were written in blood...another thing that didn't quite work. i dunno even know if it looks readable....i had to smear it with my left fingers (cuz i didn't want the lettering to be smeared with different colors that were on my right hand). and i'm a righty, so of course it probaly doesn't look good XP

and "tạm biệt" means "goodbye" in vietnamese :) my friend duong is from vietnam, and she's teaching me some vietnamese :)

votes(hugs) and comments are always welcomed :D


As of 9/04/10, I have takes this out of drafts in put it in my regular portfolio. I've also put a signature on the bottom, which it previously did not have.

Final Fantasy VII Fan Art
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