ShiroiAngel16 (Fan Art Portfolio) When the devils cry for DarkSapphire

When the devils cry for DarkSapphire
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ok so this is the requested pic for my friend :DarkSapphire!!!!!!im sooooooo sooooo soooo sorry that it took me soooo damn long to finish it :( i mean i finished the coloring 2 months ago but i just couldnt think of a bg and i tried to draw ky kiske fighting dante but i guess it was to much for me -_- i ll try if ill have some free time to draw those two together i swear!!!!even if it kills me xD

so i guess u all know this chara :P
he is the main chara from the game called Devil May Cry!!!!!
there are 4 devil may cry games,and i DMC,DMC2 and DMC you play as dante and kick some demon asses =P only in the newest games DMC4 u play i think more than half of the game as Nero (a new chara.....i dont like him even if he looks like dante -_- but he does have few good moves i gotta say...) and after they knock out Nero u play as dante again :D
for me its a awesome game i think its the first game i played on ps i was just whoooaaaa and i feel in love dante ...xD

so DarkSapphire i hope u like the pic...if not tell me i can try a new one....but it will take some time...again...xD

Devil May Cry Fan Art
dante, demon, devil may cry, rebellion, sparda
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