innocent heart (Fan Art Portfolio) Crack Costumes of Joyness!

Crack Costumes of Joyness!
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^_^ Hello there everyone! Well here is another drawing for you! First off, my coloring doesn't look very good in this one, at all! The skin coloring looks horrible(DARN YOU SCANNER!). My colored pencils were hardly sharpened and my makers were going out on me. T__T But I wanted to get this done for my very dear friend, Sparkle-Chan! =]

Haha, do these costumes look familiar? XD I wasn't kidding when I said I was going to draw us like wearing these! I know I left out a couple of details and I was way too lazy at the time to even attempt to draw the hat, but I think it turned out pretty good. =] This is us in our "chibi" form. XD LOL. I didn't know how to draw your hair, but I hope it looks okay^^; You're the one on the right. XD And me on the left...I looked like I gnawed of my fingers on my left hand. XD LOL.

These costumes were based off off of Ohno Satoshi's costume from his upcoming new drama "Uta no Oniisan". Here is a video if you would like to see it^^
Clicky! =]

And to answer the questions that are going on in your head right now, NO SPARKLE-CHAN AND I ARE NOT ON DRUGS, ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES, OR HAPPY CRACK!. =] And yes you can LOL at this picture. XD It was meant to be cute and humorous at the same time! =]

I love you Sparkle-chan! MERRY CHRISTMAS! XD I love you all! Take care and I hope you like the drawing! =]

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