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Rikurie: Thanks
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"Ne, Sakurie. What was your wish for Christmas?"
She looked up, having been lost in her book just a few moments before. "Hmm?"
Riku scoffed. He never did like repeating himself. "Christmas. What did you wish for?"
"O-Oh," Blushing, she put her book down and tapped her chin thoughtfully. After pondering for a moment, she tilted her head and smiled. "Nothing."
He eyed her for a moment before raising a brow. Embarrassment overwhelmed her.
"I-I mean..!" She stuttered and stumbled over her words until finally taking a deep breath, and composed herself once more. "I mean.. it already came true."
A smirk tugged at the corner of his lips. "Oh? And what would that be?"
Smiling, Sakurie cheerfully began her list. "Well, I have my friends, my family, and they're all happy and you're.." she broke off; her soft laughter followed.
He couldn't help but join in her laughter as well. "What?"
Her eyes light up. She repressed her timidness as she jumped at him with a soft embrace. "Thanks for always being there for me."

Something I doodled on my flight to New Jersey (before I lost my only pencil =n=" ) lol
It's been a year since I've last drew a Rikurie (Riku x Sakurie) pic. ^^; (By the way, pronounced as "Rikuri" since Sakurie's name is pronounced as "Sakuri" anyways. ^__^
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas day. Next up in New Years! Don't forget to make your wish. ^^

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