MissDarkAngel (Fan Art Portfolio) Zack x Aerith Christmas

Zack x Aerith Christmas
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hope everyone had a great christmas :)


so, yeah, this is late, and i know it is. i was planning on getting this on a day or two before christmas (not extremely early like last year) but much to my dismay, that clearly didn't happen. it's not easy when you have to switch from one parent to another and back for christmas, but such is the life when your folks are divorced. so it's a couple days late, sorry.

actually, i wasn't even planning on using this as a christmas picture. i was going to make a christmas pic, but when i was looking through a folder that had my artwork in it, i happened to find this picture and thought i'd use it. so, that's how this came to be my xmas pic, even though i did make another (possibly will appear in my portfolio?). and for some reason, i marked down on this pic "night before the olympics" - clearly the pic was drawn the night before the 2008 beijing olympics and it had no intention of being a christmas pic. but zack was holding a present, go figure.

so the main idea of this pic was...zack wants to give a present to the seemingly-occupied aerith, because zack has a crush on her. what's inside the present, i'll never know. maybe he tried to bake again, and we all know how that wentlink with my birthday cake (which wasn't too good, the fact that jenova's head was INSIDE the cake, giving me looks everytime i opened the fridge door...never realized how creey that red eye of hers was).

and why i made this pic is because....ZACK X AERITH ARE THE FRICKEN CUTEST PAIRING IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!!!!!!!! *glomps* you can argue all you want with me to tell me "cloud x aerith are better!" or "they were un-important characters!" or "why do you like zack x aerith over [insert name] x aerith?!" i will just simply argue back because i have my many reasons for loving this pairing over everyother pairing. and yes, i have nothing against any other [insert name] x aerith pairings - you like the pairing you like, and i'll like the pairing i like. i have many friends who prefer cloud x aerith over zack x aerith. i just favor zack x aerith over all other [insert name] x aerith pairings. but that's me, and it'll never change.

i should quickly finish up by saying that yes, the coloring and the bg are complete crap ): my lack of getting on the computer lately to practice the coloring has caused part of it, as well as my no skill for bgs and partly cause i screwed up on outlining the pic. suggestions are helpful! i'll take any suggestions to improve! (i'm sorry if i sound desperate, cause that's not what i'm aiming to sound like)

and for those who care, that IS suppose to be a christmas tree and presents at the right side of the picture. it's something i randomply threw in, cause i didn't know what to make the bg...XP

votes(hugs) and comments are always welcome :D
(suggestions are too!)

ZACK WOULD LIKE TO COMMENT THAT HE WAS SUCCESSFUL AT GIVING THE PRESENT TO AERITH, AND THAT HE GOT AERITH A TOY DOLL....HE DIDN'T BAKE!!!!!!! (be proud! he didn't kill poor aerith with his cooking, or add something in that stares evily at you everytime you open the fridge)

Final Fantasy VII Fan Art
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