wolf of sorrow (Fan Art Portfolio) Question: Do You Need Music?

Question: Do You Need Music?
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This one was so much fun. I loved drawing something that had something to do with all the artists I listen to.

Well I see all scanners are being butts to me now. >.< Hers is making my drawings come out lighter too... oh well, I needed to find a new person anyway. She was getting annoyed of me.


  • M: Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Last Alliance, Aqua Timez, Chemistry, L'Arc, No Regret Life, Home Made Kazoku, Boom Boom Satellites, little by little, Uverworld
  • U: Kelun, M-Flo, Acid, SNoW, June, Flow
  • S: Nana Kitade, TM Revolution, Utada Hikaru, M.O.V.E.
  • I: Abingdon Boys School
  • C: Maximum the Hormone, Chaba
  • I: Ikimono Gakari, Gackt, 8-Ball, Orange Range, Hearts Grow, Akeboshi, Crystal Kay, Namie Amuro, BoA, Dream, Do As Infinity
  • S: Mihimaru GT, Minmi, Bump of Chicken, Tommy Heavenly6
  • L: The Rodeo Carburettor, Nirgilis, 12012, Bon-Bon Blanco, Rip Slyme, Dir En Gray, Younha, Morning Matsume, Rie Fu
  • I: Nico Touches the Walls
  • F: An' Cafe, Super Junior, Possibility, Kinya, w-inds, TiA, Halcali, Access, Prono Graffitti
  • E: Pillows, Kousuke Atari, Diggy-MO', Granrodeo, Back-on

Whew... now the heart:

Back-On (just realized I have them twice =_=), Shuuhei Kita, nobodyknows+, 2Backka, D-51, Suga Shikao, Denki Groove, Eufonis, Kotoko, Mr. Children, Sowelu, Limelight, Stereopony, Nightcore, surface, amplified, Kana Nishino, Akatsuki, Yellow Generation, CoolOn, Mell, Bivatchee, Bowl, Snorkel, Bennie K, Raico, Kylee, Yui, & SID!

Done.... That's alot of music, which is almost all the artists on my imeem playlist. http://www.imeem.com/people/1FFa-pZ/playlist/sy7bcIyw/jmusic_music_playlist/

Hope I can make something like that again ^^"

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