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Vega - Version Hot
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"Your cries of agony... They are music to my ears." - Vega

Ah, it's taken me awhile, but I finally churned out another couple of Vega fanarts. The rough for this has been sitting in my sketchbook for several weeks and only now have I decided to colour it. I use a slightly different style from my previous Vega fanart, and I'm actually pretty happy with how it turned out.

This is Version Hot.

Inspired by the above quote and almost a total opposite to my other rendition of the same piece, this portrays Vega's relentless sadism and psychotic personality. His vanity and hate for all things unsightly has driven him to rid the world of anything hideous. With that said, he will swiftly kill anyone or anything less attractive than he, for death is the only cure. In contrast to his beautiful exterior, deep inside there hides some very ugly intentions.

(I wanted to do a post-frenzy version of Vega. This was kind of fun. As you can see, his mask spared his face from being tainted by the blood of his opponent. In Japan, his original name was Balrog, which refers to a hideous creature, completely contrasting his appearance, yet complimenting his true nature. I think that's awesome.)

Behold, unparalleled beauty: Version Cool

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