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Art trade with Faithie~<3 We haven't done one in years. XD Sorry for the lateness. @u@; btw Faith x Sora = Faira :)
I actually did the lineart like around the week the Batman movie came out. 8D lmao. I'm still satisfied with how it came out tho. ^^ (tho I had to fix a lot of proportion mistakes. XD hopefully they're well covered)
I had a hard time deciding whether or not to put movie lights effects or not, so here's the pic before I edited with PhotoStudio:

Oh oh I finally know what Orz and OTL is now! 8D lmao (I reserached it on wiki) I feel like SUCH a dork, and everyone's been using it too. :P
BTW, do any of you read aloud "omg," as "ohmgh," instead of "Oh em gee,"? I do. =P I also read "lol," as "lohl," instead of "el oh el". XD Why? 'Cuz I think it sounds better. 8D Anyone else do it too? XD

I accidentally cut my leg this morning and it's been bleeding for hours. I'm so dumb. XD It stopped now and it's getting better tho. But at this rate, one of those days I'll accidentally kill myself with my deadly clumsiness. XD haha

Tomorrow's schoooool D: bye bye spring break~


Faith © mewmewfaith (My close friend~)
Sora © SQUARE ENIX (Kingdom Hearts)

Amu & Tadase © PEACH-PIT (Shugo Chara!)
Kaito & Miku (and Gackupo is at the very right corner (with Luka)XD) © Crypton/ YAMAHA (VOCALOID)
Ino & Shikamaru © Masashi Kishimoto (NARUTO)
Tidus & Yuna © SQUARE ENIX (Final Fantasy X)
Monica & Max © Level 5 Inc. (Dark Chronicle/ Dark Cloud 2 *in U.S.)
Ash & May (Satoshi & Haruka) © Satoshi Tajiri (Pokemon)
Hikaru (corner left, I dunno who he's with tho XD I don't support Hikaru x Akari, I like Mitani x Akari :P) © Yumi Hotta (Hikaru No Go)

*Yes I support Tadamu, 'cuz I'm lame like that. 8D *shot by majority Amuto fans*

- pen, OpenCanvas 1.1, Arcsoft PhotoStudio 5.5 (for effects)

I got the Japanese Pokemon opening song in my head... Wootness, lmao. 8D

Crossover Anime and Manga Fan Art
amu, ash, batman, faira, faith, faith x sora, gackupo, haruka, hikaru, ino, kaito, max, may, miku, monica, movie, popcorn, satoshi, shikamaru, sora, tadase, tidus, yuna
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