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Haruhi's team
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Hey guys!

This is a depiction of what Team 8, from my fanfic The Adventures of Haruhi Uzumaki look like. The fanfic is basically fifteen years into the future after the events present. (I base my literature on what happens during the manga.) After the defeat of Akatsuki, death of Sasuke and rebuilding of Konoha, Naruto and Sakura settle down together. Naruto is made Tsunade's pupil, to overtake her as Hokage, and both Naruto and Sakura have two children. The eldest, named Haruhi, experiences the life Naruto once had when he was a Genin. Now with a team consisting of Naruto's number one fan, Konohamaru, who knows what kind of twists and turns Haruhi will make?

Haruhi is the young girl at the bottom, mastering techniques such as Rasengan and Shadow Clones, she is literally Naruto's mini-me XD The one on the right is Shikari Nara, son of Shikamaru and Temari. (ShikaIno stampede!!!) He develops his traits of the Nara clan, but who's to say Temari hasn't been teaching him a thing or two? The top is Konohamaru. Ever since his Jounin exams, he's been learning the Sarutobi's secret Jutsu's mixed with Naruto's standard training. He was only defeated by two people as Jounin, one was Naruto. And the left is Takai Katake. He acts as the emo of the squad (As did Shikamaru, Shino, Sasuke and Neji.) and deals with all-out attack. Not much can be said about his family, all that can be said, is he holds a terrifying secret.

Well, hope you like it

Naruto Fan Art
haruhi, katake, konohamaru, nara, sarutobi, shikari, takai, uzumaki
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