icefoxchan (Fan Art Portfolio) What did you do to her?

What did you do to her?
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The only reason why I put this up is because of what Alice said! XD Anyway, it's Alice and Izzy again~! And no,I didn't change Alice's personality, why would I do that? Alice was acting weird, she had a craving for raw fish(which she'll NEVER usually eat) and she was being b!tchy, especially toward Izzy and Ben. If anyone has seen the right AF episode(or at least heard about what happens) this would sound a bit familiar...

Funny, Alice would be b!tchy and then switch back to her shy, innocent self and apologizes to whoever she was a b!tch to! XD And if you can't read my horrible handwriting:

Alice:No juice for you, chickensh!t...
Ben:Wth Alice?!
Izzy:Ok, who are you&what did you do to my sister?

Ahh, I love that line..."No juice for you!" I love you, Ben :D

*rps as Alice* Meh, I hope Ben didn't take it too seriously or anything like that T_T

Izzy:Oh, quit sobbing, he didn't! I mean, he went through something like that before we met him. Kevin told us the story...pfft, you and Ben are mothers! XD

Alice:Izzy! T_T

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