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F'lar and Mnementh
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So you're like, WHAT?
The answer is 42.
Nah, joking. it's The Dragonriders of Pern by Anne McCaffrey.

They're a 19-book series. The first book, Dragonflight, published in 1968. Pretty old books. But still awesomesauce.

This is one of the main characters, F'lar, and his dragon Mnementh (the m's silent: "nuh-MENTH"). I drew this last year but only now am uploading it (major procrastinator) I realize now that he looks really short and lots of other things. And I don't think the dragons look like that anymore.

The Dragonriders of Pern in two words: telepathic dragons.
More detailed: People who are bound telepathically to a specific dragon for life ride their dragon and protect Pern from the Threads, a mychorrizoid spore/rain-looking thing that falls from a planet that has an elliptical orbit, and the Threads fall for a Pass of about 50 Turns (their equivalent to a Earth year).

A quick clue-in: all dragons' names end in -th because they have a forked toungue and they have a lisp. they name themselves. When a guy becomes a dragonrider, he shortens his name (because it's easier to say in some cases and also it's the mark of a dragonrider) to first letter/apostrophe/part of the rest of his name. Like Felessan becomes..... well, you guess. Here's an example. F'lar's old name was Fallarnon. F'nor's is Famanoran ( I know they're wierd :p.)

Kinda confusing the way I said it (and with only one sentence!) but the series is awesome if you like reading about telepathic animals, or just books about animals in general.

Another great series like this is The Ghatti's Tale by Gayle Greeno, about telepathic cats who help their Bondmate seek the truth and settle disputes on their planet, Methuen, but that's beside the point. Lol.

For the people who are dedicated readers and read down to here, don't forget to tell me what someone named Felessan's name becomes! I wanna test your knowledge haha. >.<

Dragonriders of Pern Fan Art
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