KungPowChicken (Fan Art Portfolio) Lesson: Leek Spin!

Lesson: Leek Spin!


this is my entry for ChibiSasuke's Vocaloid Desu~ Challenge! The challenge was to draw a vocaloid for her! It could be an existing one or a fan made one or her vocaloid Hana! I decided to draw Hana! but I also wanted to draw an existing vocaloid so I notice ChibiSasuke seems to like Miku so I decided to draw her too.

So one of my first vocaloid videos I ever saw was Miku doing the Ievan Polkka aka Leek Spin. In order to be a GREAT Vocaloid, You need to know how to spin a leek and sing to the Ievan Polkka! XD
So Miku is showing Hana how to do so..And Hana is being a good student and being a productive listener! :3

So I was so worry about many things in the picture, mostly the colors. Since I never drawn Miku before and shes like a greenish-bluish color it was kinda hard for me to find a pencil like that turquoise color of hers.ANd since I didn't have a color reference for Hana the colors might not be the same.. DX I also notice that Hana's head is slightly bigger.. DX probably cause of the hair.. And the background is awesome, I'm actually proud of my pink and blue bubbles background! :D
So everything might be f*cked up except for the background, sorry... DX

And If you haven't seen my latest post (which most don't bother to look at..) I said I wanted to be critique(not a lot just a little to start off) or give tips to in order to become the best artist I can be! :D
So if you have something to say or ask please feel free too! Just try not to be harsh cause I'm a sensitive person..

Hope everybody enjoys! Especially ChibiSasuke! :D

No Flamming, Hating or Stealing!
Comments/Tips, Hugs, Faves and Love are appreciated!

Miku Hatsune © Vocaloids?
Ievan Polkka © The Finnish :D
Hana © ChibiSasuke
Art and Concept © Me, KungPowChicken

Miku Hatsune Fan Art
bubbly, hana, leek, leek spin, miku, vocaloid
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