Michiyo Shimizu (Fan Art Portfolio) ROUNDABOUT

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Vocaloid: Miku Hatsune
music & lyrics: Miyum

Watch it here! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-DZJzDCd0A if you want. o:
This is a first time in a while that I've done fanart of some character XD I love vocaloid, I love Miku Hatsune the most while Gakupo is my second favorite and then a little bit of MEIKO makes her my third most favorite. Luka is okay but eh, some of her songs aren't that good or catchy for me. My favorite vocaloid musician is Minek *_____* I LOVE HIM. He's an awesome composer and makes great dance/techno/pop music *O* <3 (he uses Gakupo in an AWESOME way as well as MEIKO) <3 I think he uses them correctly to their full potentials... but I always look for updates from him :'D as well as this other artist named U-Ske, some of his songs are great. Check them out if you love Vocaloid music. Ahahaha ~ as well as piapro.jp... anyway,...

So about this picie, well I always listen to vocaloid music whenever I have the chance on my playlist and so I get a lot of influences and imagination. I can make so many tons of pictures for vocaloid/original art but I'm so lazy. lol ROUNDABOUT made me imagine miku dancing out of nowhere on the streets and then the scenery kept changing for her in places where she could dance in the sky and keep singing at the same time ... especially on those high notes she does in the song, I feel like she's jumping on those parts XD so the original bg idea was supposed to be a blue/green color with small pearls and crystals on strings hanging down from the "ceiling" and she's singing through them in the PV (video in my head) XD ... yeah, complicated but I could always do a PV one day for ROUNDABOUT ... my own interpretation ;O

This is also a collab picie with.......! Keep on ze lookout :'D ... in ze wallie section.
Done in PS, took 5+ hours to make. (It was hard choosing colors e_e and what type of coloring style)

I'll dedicate it to Mewmew since she likes .. a little of Miku Hatsune :'D

Miku Hatsune Fan Art
hatsune, miku, miku hatsune, roundabout, vocaloid
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