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my Gaia RP Characters
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....and i'm getting old/!!!! birthday is the beginning of this week
but sorry i've been dead(even in the chatroom O_O scary)
reasons why:
1) .....i'm lazy
3) Youtube (i could start looking up SSBB videos and get to random Hip hop videos)... watch this
or this
4) Life...i've suddenly gotten a life O__o
5)...... i went to OTAKON!!! WOOOO!!!! ass

(and note I LOVE HETALIA!!!! YEAH!!! HETALIA IS THE SHIZZNETS!! (if you didn't highlight the Spoil thingie it has two links, one SSBB and Hetalia

well hehe this was done a while ago like...two weeks
but i added another character the other day
the girl with Green and black hair.....(and almost had a heart attack today because of this picture.......i blame my real one....and the fly on the wall....)

these Characters are my RP characters in the two RPs I'm in on Gaia
[in order] Hatsumi, Kaiyo, Akira, and Silva
.....and just for the voice in the back of my head yelling at me to say what i used
my Dieing Micron Sakura Pens (0.05, 0.1, 1.0), crayola color pencils(crayola is actually a good brand.....I DON'T CARE WHAT ANYONE SAYS!! IT'S COLORS ARE REALLY GOOD!!), my trusty watercolor colorpencils, i used a messy black for Hatsumi's hair......T_T..i couldn't find the black...sadly

(OCD monment WATCH THIS *CAUTION ALITTLE SHOUNEN-AI*....and it's hetalia again XD )

and well i used a random picture for what they looked like at first but I HAD TO DRAW THEM!!! (i used my opposite gender self as a character...but i already know what he looks like so fudge drawing him again!!.....sorry Jay!!)

but the hardest thing was give Kaiyo a style that seemed like his....he's sorta a Seke....(Seme and a Uke) nothing to manly or if you see some white lines in the picture where the colors are...that was me being indecisive .....and i think i made
Akira alittle to girly.......and Silva is definitely good character design cause she did dye her hair....and she look like she put time into her looks more then her Personality.....(n the RP...she's a Beetch.....)
amd that is a heart Tattoo on her stomach

well i'm gonna end this long ass(i've gotten a worst mouth.....i've been droppping the F-bomb more.......O___O....)
Comment and Hugs i'm gonna work on a thingie...before it's tomorrow...i probably won't be on tomorrow.....

...AND note this was drawn in my Small drawing book
*sings "sucks to be me" from Avenue Q*


edited addition
GAH!!! I HATE THIS NEW SCANNER!!! IT'S SO STOOPID!!! I CAN'T SCAN ANYTHING WITH IT!!! ....i miss my one....i don't know how t get it to scan one thing...this scan was by luck that i scanned it....

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akira, fated_fighter, gaiaonline, hatsumi, kaiyo, magical dream school, pose, radnom poses, roleplay, silva
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