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How is there an Aural Vampire category and no AAA category!?!? There's only ONE (or maybe two) Aural Vampire PVs! It's hardly popular at all, and I've already heard all of their songs...THAT FAST!! I'm still working on listening to all of AAA's songs. AAA is WAAAAY more popular than Aural Vampire, and yet it doesn't have a category...>.>

Sorry, I just get mad at these categories. Last time there were hardly any Music categories, and now there are TONS! ^ ^ I'm happy about that, but WHY IS AURAL VAMPIRE ON THERE AND NOT AAA!?!?

ANYWAYS!! I LOVE AAA now, and I don't know why! ^ ^; Here is my quick list of my favorite j-pop groups:

1. H!P
2. AAA
3. AKB48

HAHA!! It's number 2! ^ ^

Enough of my random chatter, let's just talk about the picture and it's meaning/origins:

I have fell in love with AAA's new song Break Down, and it's PV. I JUST LOVE IT TOO MUCH! ^ ^ It's so cool! I bet I've listened to it more than 30 times in just two days! O.O So I decided to draw a few pictures of it...or of AAA...So I made a silhouette of their group picture (not of Break Down's group picture, because that one was a little too busy), and I drew the singers in AAA's close-up. They are in no particular order.

So this is dedicated to AAA's awesome music video! ^ ^ I'm not done...>.> 'tis why it's titled WIP...Notice, they're both acronyms:

AAA = Attack.All.Around
WIP = Work.In.Progress


I tried to make them all anime style...but it doesn't look that way...>.<

Why is this not a draft? Because this looks like a finished product and it looks really cool! ^ ^ Plus it's kinda the line-art...I'll color it tomorrow or something....

How do you guys like it so far? Who's your favorite (look-wise, because I found them all very pretty, but which on is the prettiest)?

OH! And I have no clue how I'm gonna put the close-ups and silhouettes together....so don't ask about that...

AAA Fan Art
aaa, anime, break, down, wip
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