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TheO Battle Royal~ Saccy
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Well, The other day i found that i had about a gazilion unfinished sketched in my art folder...this being one of them, SOOOO, I finished it! XD This was the end result, I wanted to inlcude ALL my hobies in there, so i did and yup...

Okay, so here we go! ^_^

Style: I drew myself as a Neko thing because I love Nekos. I rechecked what i usualy draw and found i draw alot of normal things, these are just some of my every day normal clothing for comfiness. :3

Weapons & abilities: I have a large keychain wrapped aroung my arm and conected to my belt (really do have it only it's a tons smaller) When Im not using my weapons, they become like keychains and when i am using a certain one, it becomes larger off of my will.

(A. The sewing needle, like i said, becomes like a sword/lance. It can't break because it's made of Mythril! lol, *joking* no, but it really can't break.

(B. The Big pink eraser, great as a sheild and can take most energy weapons! Also, it can be used to erase enemies that have been summoned or drawn!

(C. The Stylus Pen, it becomes like a Zat from Stargate! lol. XD One shot knocks out, two shots kill, and the third shot disitegrates! (truth here pepples, is that how you even spell the word?? disintegrates???lol)

(D. The Movie Marker thing, well, there is a story behind this. I make videos, real time and animation (I'm usualy the director). Okay, I know this is a cheat move, but that's why i can only use it once evry two days. It alows me to freeze time, swith things up in different situations to benefit me, and rewind up to thirty minutes back in time. I CAN NOT however fast foward time. SO, there's that.

(E. My Sprite, He's something I made when i was first entering sewing. MY MOST FAV. THING I'VE EVER MADE!!!! ^_^ If I'm in a tight fix, he'll become large and help me out. He would do anything to protect me from harm, but fights a bit dirty, so i only let him help when i REALLY need it.

Well, that's it! Hope you enjoy it, I had alot of fun in making the piccy and thanx for letting me enter! ^_^

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