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Lovely Angel Yuri
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Another entry I made for the fan art challenge Under-appreciated~. Although this is piece based on "Dirty Pair" (which is currently an underappreciated media franchise, or at least on this website and in North America), I based it specifically based on the 1980s "Dirty Pair" series, which I favor, although it may appear to be more underappreciated than "Dirty Pair Flash". It's sad that when it comes to Action-oriented Anime about heroic attractive female characters, this classic does not get a lot of attention, even though this Anime may seem to be a prototype for such a trend. I mean without old "Dirty Pair", there would be no "Kiddy Grade", "Sailor Moon", "Pretty Cure", or any of the other Action Anime following in its legacy.

The character in this drawing is Yuri, one of the two heroines of "Dirty Pair" (the other heroine is Kei). I spent two hours on outlining and coloring Yuri and somewhere between 1 and 2 hours coloring the background and character name tag together. Knowing that "Dirty Pair" is partly a space adventure epic, I added the stars in the middle of the background for the outer space sky effect, a trend I used before in some of the wallpapers I submitted to this website long ago.

Enjoy the drawing! Comments are welcome!

1:01 PM Canada EST

Dirty Pair Fan Art
1980s, abs, bikini, bishoujo, cute, gun, lovely angel, midriff, police, private eye, retro, sexy, wink, yuri
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