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So this is a lovely collage of things I have done over the past 3 years ^______^ <3 The first is a set of three little pieces I am very fond of from two years ago. My first swimsuit only outfit, my bf Ji-ko on his guitar, and a kawaii little thing in my favorite new outfit style :D Then there's 2009, a pair of friends on their way to school, showing off their favorite new clothes!

Then the 2010 section is my High School Lovers pic <3 Which I did over the summer while I was practicing drawing couples being in love and all ^__^ My Halloween image is a binder-cover i am doing for a friend, so it's us all dressed up for Halloween (though not actually what we wore this year!) LOL. And last is my sexy winter pose ;P Practicing more enticing poses and whatnot, but was suddenly struck by the need to draw winter clothing as I had felt the first chill of fall setting in XD

From a scale of 1-10, how have you improved in quality/skill?Why?
Hmmm....I'd have to say probably a 7. My overall ideas were good before, and my clothing design was always pretty chic (LOL!) but I definitely learned a bit about proportions, drawing hands and occasionally feet, as well as learning how to color on the computer! Still a lot to learn about shading and GIMP overall, but I think I have come a long way :D I have practiced and practiced a lot over the past couple of years to get where I am. I've studied various how to draw and reference books in order to learn more about poses and proportions and whatnot.

How has your understanding of art techniques and such developed?
Most definitely! I have used many references (books, random stuff I find online, magazines) to help me master proportions and good poses ^__^ And how to draw men!! XD I have come a long way from that doodle up there, though I have a long way yet to go. I am learning how to draw more dynamic, eye-catching pieces, rather than just the outfits on a person LOL. And I am learning better and better ways to make clothing look more realistic, too, which helps greatly!

What have you learned?
I have learned.....a lot! >.< where to even begin?? Hmm thing like "the hips always move in the opposite to the shoulders" (can't think of better wording, but I think you know what I mean!) Umm and that men should have skinnier, pointier heads than women, or at least that's the general idea. And thicker necks and waists. But wider (more muscular) everything else. Aaaand that wrinkles in clothing makes it look more realistic, espeicially with buttons and details like that. And that couples aren't very "couple-ish" if you don't have them close together and in contact of some sort ;D Yesss, I know I draw a lot of kissy pics XD Umm and that friends are the best references or images to keep in mind when drawing, because you love them and can picture them and want to make them look good, not to mention you can draw a really good outfit you saw them in/ want to get them ^_____^ <3

What inspired you to improve?
Ummmm it's really just my personality. Nothing but perfection is ever good enough...except when I'm exhausted. LOL!! But generally, that is my attitude toward life--get as close to perfect as you can manage, or it's not even worth it. So when it comes to something I really love and genuinely want to get better at, I just keep trying new things and tweaking until I figure out how to do it better ^__^ I really love drawing anime/manga style, and I love being able to give my friends and family amazing gifts, so I will continue to keep trying my best!!

Any tips for those wishing to improve themselves?
I'm sure this has been said but... PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!! It makes all the difference in the world. And perseverance. Everyone has off days, bad days, days when you just can't draw anything that's worth anything >.< Frustrating, I KNOW, but it happens to the best of us, too. Pause, deeeep breath, put away supplies. Tomorrow, try again. Sometimes taking a week off does WONDERS for your ability! Strange, but true. And really, references are an amazing way to learn ^__^ Google images is your new best friend!! Look up one type of image that you're trying to work on (i.e. cute poses or schoolgirl outfits) and just try doodling several on a scratch sheet until you get the feel for the pose and outfit. It really makes such a difference!! AND NEVER GIVE UP!! GAMBATTE, MINNA-SAN <3!!

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