smoking crimson (Fan Art Portfolio) .improvement meme

.improvement meme
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~2004 age 9
*whimper* These are so awful I can’t look without grimacing. I drew heavily from references, leading my drawings to look a lot like flat dolls, without any action of their own. Any modifications I made were not the best, as you can see.

~2005 age 10
...what can I say? good lord, these are all. gah. I went through a Sailor Moon phase at the beginning of the year, but ended the year with a GS & GSD obsession that would last for a long, long time.

~2006 age 11
I drew a lot this year, so I think that I improved a lot when I consider the proportions and general appearance. I stuck mostly to pencils- the drawings that got colored were often done by my cousin, since I hated coloring

~2007 age 12
I did a lot of pencil drawings, mostly satying away from colour. I was obsessed with Naruto as well. There were a lot of unfinished sketches that never got done. Perhaps I’ll revisit them one day.

~2008 age 13
Well. This year was a bit more productive then the previous years, because I entered the internet world of fanart. <3 My naruto obsession was going strong. Also the year I got a wacom bamboo fun- I started digital art. I used PS Elements

~2009 age 14
This year was fairly average, nothing much to say about it except I seemed to be getting better at traditional media, while in digital media, I experimented more with layers & gradients (I thought 23 layers was a big thing!) =A=

~2010 age 15
For the most part of the year, stretching from dec 2009 to may 2010, I took an hiatus from art in general due to personal reasons. I officially came back on 05/22/10, armed with a new style (kinda?) and PS CS4 <3 Now I focus more on smooth lines, rather then the pixelly lines of before.


.blank meme

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