AJV7 (Fan Art Portfolio) Original Character: Franklin

Original Character: Franklin
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Hi there!

I don't usually post pictures like this till the actual project is done or nearly finished but since that that doesn't always happen, I thought I'd post some of my concepts and designs here and there.

This is my Character named Franklin who's kinda inspired by Frankenstein.

Here's a little info I've come up with for the character (though it my be a bit spoilerish but it'll probably be a while before I start it anyway).

Franklin was your average young man until a fateful night where he encountered a gang that beat him up and cut him up (nearly apart) left him for dead.
But a certain scientist (who lived underground and away from the world) stumbled upon the nearly lifeless body that had been greatly disfigured, took the young man into his lab to work on him.
After this, Franklin lives and
surprisingly enough, his kind hearted personality still remains intact.
So like his creator (and the one who saved him), lives underground in seclusion serving the scientist knowing that the Franklin he once was is dead.

So there you have it, that's Franklin's bio so far.

As for his outfit, I thought I'd like him to look a little handsome (kinda like a butler of host look) since he a servant to the scientist.
For the skin color, I thought I'd go with a light green (was thinking gray originally) color since Frankenstein is traditionally green. Though I gave him blond hair instead on the usual black hair color.

Anyway I hope you all like it.

Comments and Constructive Criticism Welcome

Character and Art Created By: AJV (that's me)

Original Anime and Manga Fan Art
Anime, Frankenstein, Franklin, manga, Monster, OC, Original Character, stitches
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