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Violet, Rei, Alabastar
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I hope I'm not insulting anybody, but for vmpgrl's Create Some OCs!-esqe contest I went with my love of long-haired bishis. xD

Let's see, some information on them...

Violet: Looks like a young brat (and is short, which doesn't help any) and has a quick temper (which some find more cute than ferocious since she's so small...). Back in the real world she had two or three close friends and otherwise was too brash to be liked by others. She's all right with hard work...she just isn't good with being told what to do, and doesn't like to be corrected.

Rei: The one holding the rose, Rei is Alabastar's cousin and is eccentric and a lady killer. When he sees Alabastar's new 'pet' he becomes interested. She's a lot more honest than the girls he's used to. His age...who knows? This could be something tweaked by vmpgrl herself to suit herself...for all I know to her a 'five year old vampire' is 50 years old. ^_^

Alabastar: The one...not holding the rose. Alabastar is Rei's cousin and the one who found Violet, a human who seemed not to know anything about the world she'd just fallen into, and bought her. He gives her about as much freedom as he does orders, though he isn't one to openly show that he's actualy being considerate. Which may be why the master/slave pairing takes so long that his cousin gets time to weedle his way in?

These profiles are subject to change to the whims of vmpgrl as she sees fit for her story. ^_^

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