Wakusei Aoshi (Fan Art Portfolio) 3rd Place Prize: Raguna

3rd Place Prize: Raguna
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This is imouto chan's 3rd place prize. She got a sketch of whatever she wanted so she asked for Raguna from Harvest Moon: Rune Factory.

I feel I didn't do him justice...I couldn't draw his eyes...'orz I guess I just was having a bad drawing day.

I was going to make the picture much more complex, but I couldn't draw it, so I just did something small...and it really is VERY small. I don't know WHY I did it so small...it just made everything so much harder..."orz

And I think my scanner died on me. It won't take the paper..."orz I hated it anyways...>3> So I took this with meh camera...sorry if the quality looks bad (I can't really tell on photoshop since it already makes everything look so bad..."orz).

Oi, and those are seeds flowing from his hand and everywhere. I dunno what that tool is...I think it's a hoe, but I'm not exactly sure...hrmmm...

The swirlies...well, I just love swirlies. I forgot what the storyline of the Rune Factory games were...but I had this feeling that one of them had to do with the ocean...? And a whale?...Which one am I thinking of!? The most recent ones...'orz

Also...I don't understand his shirt tunic thing...it took me forever to understand the pattern, but how does it stay on his body!? It look weird and right at the same time! TT^TT

Harvest Moon Fan Art
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