The Eighth Sin (Fan Art Portfolio) Duscha

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Thought I'd put this up too. It's rare for me to do two pictures in the same year, let alone the same week.

This is Duscha. She's from The Unsaid Works' EPIC and is a Zephyrian. Zephyr is a very, very small landlocked country. It was created by me, and the culture, history, and development was also done by me. Zephyr existed briefly before EPIC did, as did Duscha. Duscha is the second of five children, and the oldest daughter. She is nobility, and is dressed in noble-casual. Her family, the von Bavol, hold the title of "over-ruler", which elevates them slightly above the other six noble families. Her father being the oldest of two boys, was the over-ruler until his untimely death when Duscha was fifteen. Duscha watched her family and country struggle, and so when she was nineteen she overthrew her older brother in a bloodless coup d'ete. She siezed power as the first female over-ruler, and while wildly unpopular among the noble lords, she has unwavering support from the del Ignis family, Zephyr's military force.

Zephyrians have various skin pigmentations with the range seen clearest among the nobility. Zephyrians have dark hair of various colors and very light eyes of various colors. Fly-away hair, like Duscha's, is not an uncommon trait.

There's a bit more on my dA page, but for now this is all. I'll dedicate this to Cas, who depite the certainty of Duscha's future she's convinced otherwise.

© The Unsaid Works. All rights reserved.
Duscha von Bavol, Zephyr, all related concepts, story, and art belongs to Bella-Dean "Unlucky" Regnavi A.K.A. SSC

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