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We'll Grow Up - Even If It's on Our Own
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Hello again!

This is a piece I did as a final project in an art class that I took. Our assignment was to create something in the style of an art movement or a particular artist. This is sort of a combination of both. I chose to paint something akin to Roy Lichtenstein's works; for those unfamiliar with him, he painted comic book panels. As manga are Japanese comics, I figured it fit. So here we have something inspired by Lichtenstein, in the style of the manga movement :D

So this piece is from a page of the "Voices of a Distant Star" manga drawn by Mizu Sahara (released by TOKYOPOP); the painting itself is acrylic on canvas. As the book is in grayscale, I got to play around with the colors a bit. The lettering wasn't originally over the characters in the manga (it was under them), so more creative license was taken there. That, and I did receive some assistance with the lettering. Some day I may go back and redo the letters, but for now, I can just leave it.

With that, enjoy!

EDIT: Oh yeah, and the piece was done freehand. None of them fancy projectors or light tables here (but they certainly would be nice...)

Voices of a Distant Star Fan Art
acrylic, canvas, CelestialSushi, color, Distant, Makoto, manga, Mikako, Mizu, Noboru, project, Sahara, school, Shinkai, Star, Voices
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