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Burst angel
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Oc for a contest, said I'd enter, just in time, almost forgot @.@, will right a better description later *needs to not waste time* DX!
For the opening from Burst Angel
Edit edit edit XD~
(The reason I didn't edit sooner is because I wasn't on ;w;, I was being rushed off the computer too...)

OK so this took around 5 maybe 6 hours??? I'm getting quicker with line art that's why >3! And get ready for more fanart updates in the next couple days because I've been drawing my butt off -_-;. And sorry if the body proportions are a bit off ;w; (I never have a freaking reference that's why >O<;;;.) So this OC (Luna I like the name, sue me why don't cha D:<!?) is kinda based off the looks of the main character from the anime (nothing besides the light hair and the tan skin tan skin why must you be so fun to draw. And I am SO sorry I suck at guns so much DX! I tried my best though Q___Q. And fun to draw ecchi characters FTW~~~~ I've been drawing flat chested girls for a while now so this was a fun change -w-~~~

The reason why I picked this opening is because I love the beat so freaking much >O<!

Anime:Burst Angel
Opening name:Loosey (I think)

All done in Manga studio, with a tablet (including the sketch as usual~)
I thought this poes fit the opening (it's what popped in my head when I listened to it >w>) And those are supposed to be like mechanical angel wings in the background (Epic fail *hangs head in shame*) and I'm sorry I can't reply to comments on this fanart so don't be offended (The comment box is acting funny and I can't see the comments O.o..) And sorry the coloring is not as detailed as I usually do (It's because I'm working on so many other things right now...)

Edited it because I'm a airhead and forgot to put lyrics in o.e (I've been making weird mistakes like that lately... I must be to stressed -__-;;.) Couldn't find the whole lyrics and I couldn't memorize all of it so I just wrote down what English I heard and remembered/ so sorry (and I even read over the rules a couple times too... I must need rest >_>;.)

Burst Angel Fan Art
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