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I’ve always loved the story of The Count of Monte Cristo. I love all adaptations that I’ve seen; the 2002 movie, the original book, and the anime, Gankutsuou. But I love Gankutsuou I think more than the other…if only because it’s an anime T_T The story is futuristic compared to the original work, but it’s AMAZING >< can’t stress that enough. The artwork is probably the most beautiful I’ve ever seen in an anime and it’s just a great retelling of the same story.

I drew Haydee because she’s my favorite character for some reason. She doesn’t really do much, but what she does is always interesting. I drew her in this, what I believe to be her dress when she accompanies the Count to the opera. I couldn’t find a really good example, so this is the best I could do T_T I also couldn’t do the crazy effects the anime had for EVERYTHING, but I still had fun I guess… ^^ I only wish she had turned out better, like I imagined

I think everyone should watch this anime >< It’s like
I don’t own Haydee or anything Monte Cristo…

Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo Fan Art
Gankutsuou, haydee, Monte Cristo, Ryo
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