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YGO Sketchies II
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YATTA!!! XD (fyi I recommend viewing this in full resolution)

finally done! lol that said my style of execution changed just within the time of making this submission, I think I just settled into the process more, but I still kind of liked the looseness that the first group had, so it's not totally bad, not totally great either.

Anyways I hope it's obvious who's who, but if not, here's a list starting from upper left and moving right -

Ryuji Otogi (a.k.a. Duke Devlin), Yami Yugi (a.k.a. "the pharaoh", a.k.a. "Spirit",a.k.a. you get it), Ryota Kajiki (a.k.a. Mako Tsunami), Marik Ishtar, Mokuba, Bakura (normal), Ishizu Ishtar, Seto, Kisara

as far as how happy I am with, I think most could be a lot better, and if I do more finished fanart in the future, some of my choices with how I translated certain features may change.
specifically eyes, while doing this I was faced with probably what has been the most challenging aspect of changing styles; creating "sharp-eyed"or narrow-eyed characters without them looking overly the end I think I somewhat failed at that, it's pretty difficult to break away from the super-angular look Takahashi tends to give to a huge amount of his characters' eyes, in some cases, like with normal Bakura, his personality and overall feel works with a more rounded eye shape, but in other cases, such as Marik or the Pharaoh, rounded eyes really would not be appropriate. it's a work in progress I guess :/

overall I', I'm okay with this, these characters were a lot more difficult than the first group 8| but one thing I'm very happy with - I DREW SETO FREAKIN' KAIBA! XD seriously...NEVER have been able to draw him, the few past attempts made were aborted before I even got past the underlying construction stage,I think he could be better, if I draw him in the future my translation of his features may change, but it's acceptable for me and I decided to quit while I was ahead on this occasion...something else I noticed...according to the lineup in this picture, Seto is in the "Estrogen Ocean" ROFL he's shoved in between the only two girls in the group.

and yes Kisara is kind of a random minor character to add here maybe, but seriously, with my fondness of female character designs with long white hair, could you really expect me to not like her enough to include her somewhere? lol and of course my fav female design has to be the one that has a TINY part, dies tragically, and has no modern incarnation so we never really get to know her >:(

Anyways I hope ya'll enjoy these guys as shaky as some of their pictures are here XD

Yu-Gi-Oh Fan Art
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