umchan649 (Fan Art Portfolio) 10 Sketches: Super Paper Mario

10 Sketches: Super Paper Mario
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Here is my entry for the 10 Sketches contest by angluvdeath! I decided to follow the theme of one of my favorite games character and story wise. Gameplay wise is a different story... Super Paper Mario had a well written story, but more importantly, it had characters that I loved drawing! So here are my sketches~! I numbered them because I'm OCD... ^^;

1. Gijinka!Nastasia, Count Bleck's assistant.

2. Mario with the Butterfly Pixl Tippi sitting on his head.

3. Semi-Gijinka!Count Bleck with the Dark Prognosticus. I love Bleck so much <3

4. Princess Peach in her wedding dress ^^

5. O'Chunks. Just for fun ^^;

6. Gijinka!Dimentio. AKA my favorite Mario villain in the history of EVER besides perhaps Doopliss...

7. Mr. L -- he does look familiar for a reason.

8. Gijinka!Mimi in her death mode form. That thing is SCARY. She BREAKS HER OWN NECK. Gah...

9. Gijinka!Francis, one of the most annoying bosses ever.

10. DimentioxMimi. I love this pairing so very much ^^;

None of these characters belong to me!!

Paper Mario Fan Art
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