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Silver Age Batwoman
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A fan art drawing featuring Katherine "Kathy" Kane/Batwoman from the Silver Age Batman comics.

Here are a few things to know about this superheroine

  • She made her debut in Detective Comics (Vol. 1) No. 233 (Cover date: July 1956), and would be a regular in Batman comics until 1964 when then-editor Julius Schwartz felt the need to revamp Batman by removing all Batman family members (not counting Batman and Robin) from the main characters line up, a few years before Barbera Gordon's debut. However, she would return as a guest character during the Bronze Age of Comics in Batman Family No. 10 (released sometime in 1979), only to later kick the bucket in Detective Comics (Vol. 1) No. 485 (Cover date: Aug. - Sept. 1979).
  • She started of as a rival of Bruce Wayne/Batman, only to later become his love interest (note that their romance was later retconned in the 1970s to only existing in the Pre-Crisis Earth-One version of Batman's history as the Pre-Crisis Earth-Two version indicates that Kathy Kane failed to form a love couple with Bruce Wayne due to his marrying Selina Kyle).
  • Created as the first addition to the Batman Family after the arrival of Ace the Bat-Hound in Batman (Vol. 1) No. 92 (cover date: July 1955).
  • According to a myth about DC Comics (publisher of the Batman comics), the character herself was created as a means to fight back accusations by American parents and Fredric Wertham (writer of the controversial book Seduction of the Innocent) that suggested that Bruce Wayne/Batman and Richard "Dick" Grayson/Robin were a gay couple.
  • She's not to be confused with Katherine Webb, the original Batwoman of the Post-Infinite Crisis New Earth within canon Batman continuity, though both women wore variants of the same costume and are often referred to on comic page as "Kathy Kane" with the Post-Infinite Crisis New Earth Batwoman I being married to a man with the family name of "Kane".
  • She's not to be confused with the Post-Infinite Crisis New Earth's second Batwoman Katherine "Kate" Rebecca Kane.

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Batman Fan Art
1950s, abs, batarang, batwoman, dc comics, kathy kane, purse, retro, sexy, silver age, smile, superheroine
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