CelestialSushi (Fan Art Portfolio) Music: My Life, My Love, Me (sketch)

Music: My Life, My Love, Me (sketch)
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Hello, everyone.

I don't know... I normally don't draw stuff like this with bones and everything, but I find the concept here kind of whimsical and clever and in a strange way, kind of cute, but probably because it's Kaito as I'm not a morbid person. And I get that I'm no medical illustrator (but really, this is about concept rather than accuracy...).

The whole concept behind this image is music; because Kaito is technically a musical instrument, music is his life, his love (next to ice cream, of course :D), and everything he is, really. I thought it would be kind of an interesting idea if, because of this, he is even made of music, hence all the music-related bones inside him. His ribs are staves and his spine is made of whole notes. Also, I was originally going to just put a regular (but still valentine-shaped) heart in there, but it hit me the other night that it would be better as a heart-shaped metronome, keeping the beat for his life and his singing.

Yeah, okay. Either I'm sentimental or just plain weird (actually, both).

Anyways, I'd like to color this in eventually, but I'm soooooo pleased with how the face turned out (that's what I get for pouring my heart into a drawing of a character I find cute :3); it--and of course the rest of Kaito--is based on the brand new artwork of him for the release of KAITO version 3 next month :D Can't wait... this one's got an English voice bank X3

Oh yeah, and I used a mechanical pencil to draw this.

My other references were a picture of the human skeleton from the appropriately-titled Wikipedia article, and some sheet music of the song "Gorgeous 4U" that I printed out from a website called "josh's anime sheet music collection". Given that I've studied piano since age 7 you'd think I'd be able to deal with drawing sheet music with no references... but I guess when we are used to something we tend to forget to notice details.

Also, like the new blue version of my watermark? :D I figured it'd be best on black-and-white images like this one to use color... so I'll use a black one for the colored version.

Well, with all that said... enjoy... or laugh... or stare at me from the opposite end of the room... or join me in anticipating Kaito v3... whatever...

Miku Hatsune Fan Art
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