stararnold (Fan Art Portfolio) Earth-Two Robin 1967 Sketch Card

Earth-Two Robin 1967 Sketch Card
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A sketch card featuring the Pre-Crisis Earth-Two Richard "Dick" Grayson/Robin from canon DC Universe continuity.

Here some things to know about this character:

  • Though first appearing in Detective Comics (Vol. 1) No. 38 in a sense, he was revealed to be an Earth-Two inhabitant in Justice League of America (Vol. 1) No. 55, and is better known as the "Golden Age Robin".
  • He served in the All-Star Squadron a during the WWII and later took his universe's Bruce Wayne/Batman's place in the Justcie Society of America due to his former mentor's decision to retire to focus on his police commisioner career and married lfe with Earth-Two's Selina Klyle/Catwoman (the Godlen Age Catwoman).
  • For a time before creating his own first adult super-hero costume (which you're seeing in this skecth card), he upheld the Batman identity.
  • According to canon DC Universe continuity, his history prior to his former mentor's wedding was almost identical to the history of the Pre-Crisis Earth-One Dick Grayson/Robin II (better known as the "Silver Age Robin") prior to Ace the Bat-Hound's coming in which a few differences existed: 1) the Golden Age Robin was 8 years old when he became his super-hero career while his Earth-One counterpart was 12 at the start of his own, 2) the Godlen Age Robin had no Robin predecessors in the Robin legacy while the Silver Age succeeded the Pre-Crisis Earth-One Bruce Wayne (the Silver Age Batman), 3) the Silver Age Robin had no WWII adventures, and 4) the Golden Age Robin aged by Real-time while his Silver Age counterpart aged by floating timeline.
  • He was among the super-heroes killed in the "Crisis of Infinite Earths" event, and as a result of the creation of New Earth while that event was nearing its end, all records of his existence, including those of his involvement with both the JSA and All-Star Squadron, were erased.

5:46 PM Canada EST

Justice League of America Fan Art
1960s, abs, dc comics, dick grayson (earth-two), muscular, retro, robin (earth-two), superhero
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