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Sanni Character sheet
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Surname:De Puesor(adoptive),Salor(birth surname)
Age:15 Gender:Female Race:Protector(Royal-Angelis) Weight:46 Height:1.66
Eye color:Brown(turn green at night) Hair color:Light/honey-Brown
Basic Info:
Found at the age of 4 by Marie&Pierre De Puesor (French diplomats)Sanni’s case was closed buy the local authorities as there was no trace of her biologic parents...After being adopted by the couple she faced death for the first time at the age of 6 when her father was murdered during a parade by a killer.She grew with her adoptive mother as a normal human...even though her true nature couldn’t be hidden.
But fortunately Marie was the kind of mother who loved Sanni like her own child so she decided not to tell anyone about her “un-normal” problems and protecting her from the others.
As the years passed by she grew up like every teenager,making friends and struggling on school projects until she got 14 where an unknown creature took posses of her body changing her life.
About her:She's lazy,outgoing,funny,loving,very childish,clumsy,hot-headed and has sense of humour.Sanni get's easily bored by things and likes to stay away from noisy(people) places and usually she can be found on roof tops especially during the sunset.Hates being girly so she mostly likes wearing sneakers,light tops and unisex clothes.Even thought she's thin she has a well build body and she's quite short because of heavy physical activity.Her left bang is special if cut,it grows within 3 days and can hardly be modified or fixed with hair clips,it tends to get back to it place.
Food,videogames,sports,fighting,skateboarding,making fun of others,sleeping,bone-gloves gifted by her father,cartoons,sweets/chocolate,long converses that never ties-up,white-lilies,orange-scarf&cap made by her mother,music,birds & reptiles...
School,home-chores,rules,obeying to others,losing,being seen crying,cats,mirrors,churches,crosses,demons,politicians,really high-heights...
Favorite expression:
She swears on everything about everything...(usually with,Oh shit/fuck/this/that/ know the words right ^^; )
Sanni belongs to me,do not copy,steal or use without my permission

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