The Mask (Fan Art Portfolio) Hachiken Rides a Carabao (Silver Spoon)

Hachiken Rides a Carabao (Silver Spoon)
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This is my drawing of Yugo Hachiken riding an animal known as the carabao.

The carabao is a type of water buffalo found in the Philippines and Guam, and is considered as a vital part of the agricultural sector in these countries. Apart from being a source of milk and meat, the carabao also plays a key role in providing necessary labor for the production of rice and other crops, especially for farmers who cannot afford modern equipment.

Yugo Hachiken is the main character of the agricultural anime and manga series Silver Spoon (also known as Gin no Saji). Since he has experience in riding horses, I think he would be able to adjust well with riding a carabao, if he's given the chance. And I think he might be interested as well as to the role that carabaos play in agriculture, as I previously explained.

I hope you will like this. I appreciate your constructive feedback for this drawing.

Silver Spoon is created by Hiromu Arakawa.

Background image by Ramon FVelasquez. Used under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. Original image:

Silver Spoon Fan Art
agriculture, buffalo, carabao, gin no saji, ginsaji, hachiken, kabaw, kalabaw, philippines, silver spoon, water buffalo, yugo hachiken
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