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Red Satin Ribbon
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Completed 4/14/13

deviantART post

a little prose-y poem i wrote that inspired this; posting it here regardless because i like it:

The devil has snared my being.

Darkness bled through my core, thorn sprinkled vines weaved into my limbs.

Shriveled and withered my heart no longer beat with life.

My body is thin, my skin taut and sallow, eyes large and glazed, with long and unkempt curls caught in windless air.

Finally he wrapped a satin ribbon to my neck, bloodstained crimson faintly bowed, bony fingers slipped petaled flowers into my dull locks, soft rose and calla lily mirroring my new existence yet with a touch of lovely I no longer possess.

I am now a doll. A string drawn marionette, pale and red.

Curled fire within my shell blazes motion into this corpse, he purrs against my skin, urging me to dance along with his sickly sweet lullaby.

He is careful not to let me falter, slip too far through his tangling grasp, for fear that I would shatter, become pieces littered on barren ground.

Mesmerize the world I cloud, tease it with my color to grey, call forth lives to this cage.

Perhaps he can steal a kiss for soul, to feed his growing abyss.


i am uploading all the very backed up art
and until i get near to current pieces, i will not be posting the descriptions of each

instead, you can go view the deviantART post of it, if you are interested, if not don't worry, they were also so old and backed up that i gave simple descripts to them as well

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