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The White Tiger
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Nearly this entire drawing, with the exception of the meh hands was completed over a year ago around the same time of early august

This piece was started as a birthday gift for my younger sister, and so was created to somewhat embody her both in appearance and interests
For example:

  • her favorite animal is a White Tiger, so i gave her the ears and a tail--which i don't really like at all, but whatever--
  • the hearts are something she has commonly themed in some of her clothing and jewelry
  • the clothing is meant to be sort of differenty/unique, maybe remade from the original, which is also very common for her attire though she wouldn't wear a skirt like that at all

now, her free hand was meant to be holding a guitar since she loves music and goes to concerts often, but it was simply not working and seeing as i was dead set on getting this done for her birthday this year, i went ahead and took it out entirely T-T

Finally, and the most important of all, i tried and tried to get this drawing to truly look like her in face and body and i do think it does to some degree, but she is far lovelier than this piece shows; her hair is not like that--her bangs are much different, the hair overall is not that thick, and while there is natural wave it isn't quite like that either; BUT, she does have an abundance of pale freckles, for she is an auburn haired, fair skinned, muchly freckled ginger and quite proud of it ^-^

Luckily she liked it very much, which is what was important regardless of my likes and dislikes of the piece

Most happiest of birfdays to my dear little siblekins!! <3


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