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Evening Talk
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(ahh ha ha-meant-to-submit-it-here-yesterday-but-the-college-computers-blocked-the-submit-page VV;)

Iven is about 4 here and it's just his mum now, his father recently passed away. Scene here is that Azlyn and Iven are just talking and catching up on what they'd been up to during that day, Iven is annoyed at himself for not being able to hit the dead center of the target and Azlyn is reassuring him that it's okay and that he's slowly getting better. He's become more harsh on himself since his father died, he just wants his mum to be happy and be proud of him and Azlyn is already very proud of him and is becoming increasingly worried about her son. The scrapes and bruisses all come from training. I want to draw Azlyn and Iven again, just next time Iven will be looking less of a grumpy bum XD

I drew this a little while ago and I've been meaning to draw Azlyn and Iven for a while, I quite like how it's turned out :) but I can't quite get the eyelashes right, because Azlyn was meant to have her eyes open but just wouldn't look right and I don't thingk I've gotten they're height scale right ^^; (also sorry for such a bad title)

Tips on improving are always welcomed and I hope you all like it :)
Azlyn and Iven belong to me :)

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