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OH GOOD GOD IT'S BEEN FAR TOO LONG SINCE I'VE DONE ANYTHING ON HERE. Oh geez, it's been a couple of months since I've posted anything. I'm pretty sure the last thing I posted was back in...July or maybe even June?
UHHH ANYWAY yeah I haven't been incredibly active on here the past couple of months, and I'm pretty sure the past year or so has probably been the greatest amount of time I've been inactive yet since there was my senior year of highschool, my summer trip to Turkey and I just recently finished my first ever semester at college, SO YEAH LOTS OF STUFF HAS BEEN GOING ON and I was just feeling a bit burned out/unmotivated to really do any proper stuff.
I do have a couple of doodles and sketches that I could probably work on now that I've got a whole month's break, though...

So, since it's the New Year and I saw FUNimation and Snowisdelight's most recent pics, I thought maybe I'd bring back an old friend some of you may or may not recognize.
And by "old friend," I'm talking about the very first OC I ever put up on theO: that one KH OC who actually used to be an OC for both KH AND Naruto, then became a KH-only OC whose backstory I never completely figured out back in the day and eventually just sort of ignored as I paid attention to other OCs who I was more invested in at the time.

Several months ago or so, I actually decided to go ahead, bring her back and give her a bit of a makeover, starting by changing her name to "Ariane," and of course she still hasn't been COMPLETELY remade yet: that's actually pretty much the reason I just drew her in that dress (that, and it's New Years, why not?).
So back in the day, Ariane (or "Aranane," as she used to be called) was supposed to be this sort of excitable, outgoing and maybe slightly over-confident teenage girl with a katana and fire/thunder magic, I think there might've been some stuff involving her and darkness but I actually don't really remember.
I still plan on having her as a KH OC, but I think I'll give her her own story that's more or less separate from the actual KH plot and characters, if that makes any sense, I'm not sure if this is the proper wording for it.
There's still a whole lot I need to figure out and work with Ariane, and I've been throwing around some ideas about what to do with her in my head: some interesting, some that are seemingly absurd, and the most recent idea I had was "What if Ariane was like one those dancers in the FF games? Or base her new design a bit off of one of those FF jobs in general and re-work it to be more KH-esque?"
So yes, I am actually studying some of the designs for various FF jobs/classes for ideas/inspiration(the idea of making her like a Dancer probably sounds a little strange but at the same time I feel like it would be kinda fun)
There's some more I kinda want to say but I can't think what else and I think I've gone on long enough already, either way, Happy New Year you guys I love you all~

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ariane, oc
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