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This is my very first OC, Terra. She was very different to begin with - She started out as a vampire named Tsukuyomi, then she was my unnamed alter ego who I would daydream about during school, and finally she was the girl you see before you. She's a very quiet and deadpan type of girl. She hardly emotes when conversing with strangers, and only revels her true self to those she treasures. Her preferred style of clothing is dark, modest, baggy types. Her name, Terra, was actually chosen in a rather funny way. I was watching my sister play Tony Hawk's Underground 2 for the Gamecube, and she named her character on there "Terra". At the time, I was looking for a name for my protagonist, but I couldn't decide on anything. When I heard the name, I thought it stuck pretty well. Ironically, and I don't know how I didn't notice this until much later, her official title as Terra Firma matches pretty well. I guess I should mention that later on in her life she plays the role of Guardian of the Earth's soul. It's a long story, really. There's a lot more too her, but I wanted to keep this kinda short.

Now, what I love about her: a large percent of it is nostalgic love, to be honest. She's just been my go-to character for a very long time. She represents my desire to be stronger. I've made her the strong-willed and determined woman she is, because that's who I wanted to be when I create her. A lot of what I was exposed to at the time influenced her - ie, when I was into vampires, she was a vampire and when I was feeling inadequate and didn't love myself, she became my ideal me. She's been shaped and molded in many different ways. Even my learning that I can use my own strength and heart to create a character influenced her. She has a lot of tenderness and love in her history and in her line work. She now represents what I'd never change about myself: My ability to stay true to myself and to feel pride in my creations.

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