SmallxLady (Fan Art Portfolio) Don't fear the darkness (colored)

Don't fear the darkness (colored)
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(Colored version)

Ooook so this is what I spent a couple hours on last night. I used maybe 12 different bases so if you see something you recognize credit goes to the original artists. So basically I had a dream about this girl forever ago. I did change a couple of things about her since then but this is what I came up with. I remember she was walking down a long pathway to a large red brick school with her bags floating around her. She seems to understand english but doesn't speak it. Whatever color band you have on your sleeve dictates what type of student you are (broad generalization of course) and for whatever reason people, creatures, weapons, and artifacts from the underworld are looked down upon. That being said, there is a lot of racism against demons and devils. Anyone associating with these types of people tend to be treated poorly. Humans are looked down on, but can attend this school.

The scythe she uses is an energy scythe created from the power of her soul. She acquired it from Sir Lucifer himself for assisting him in his time of need. Then it was a small wand with no power at all. He said to keep it with her always and one day it would manifest the true power of her soul. Thus her flying scythe was born. She uses it, as well as her deck of devil cards. So yeah, lol that's about it really. Let me know what you lovelies think.

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color, dark, devil, dream, magic, Oc, school
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