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Prepare for trouble
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So this is Alec. He is the younger twin brother of someone I've yet to draw. I had a dream about the duo and thought I'd give a whirl at drawing them. So, obviously he a total nerd with his headphones. He also enjoys playing handheld games and never leaves home without them. He's an expert at Pokemon (though he only plays the games. He's no in the Pokemon world) and also enjoys comics and manga.

His hair is an icy white blonde with black tips n the faux hawk style and he typically dresses well. (Clean crisp uniforms, business casual, you get the idea) while he does joke around and like to have fun, he is indeed the more serious of the two...on the surface. While this adorable hothead complains at his older sister that he affectionately calls 'nii-san' to act more serious and less childish, she is the true mastermind.

He's decent at sports and doesn't mind physical activity, but he'd rather sit back to back with nii-san and battle for the title of 'the very best'. He's quick on his feet and when need be can pack one hell of a punch but all in all he's a fun guy to hang out with ^^

Let me know if you'd like to meet his nii-san

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Alec, Oc
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