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The me inside me
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This is the me inside me. This is what I would be like if life were an rpg. Allow me to dissect everything in this picture. I am a small woman with a average body, round face and large eyes. I love all things cute, creepy, girly and sparkly. I love collecting plushies and dressing in lolita fashion. I find it flattering to the female figure and it brings our the grace and fluid movements women naturally have.

Now, this picture is (to the best of my ability) how I see myself game style. I tried to appeal to both sides of my personality. I'm either the sweetest person you ever met (represented by sweet lol its dress) or I'm the nightmare that keeps you up at night.(bat bow, eyepatch, creepy plushies and vampire bite choke collar with creepy doll style make up)

Now, you're probably wondering "Usagi...what's with the creepy plushies? How would they possibly aid you in battle?" My dearest friend, allow me to explain. I am an avid collector of plushies. Be it animal, character, something cute, or down right cringe inducing, I collect them. I personally find something charming about them. Now, as for battle, I would be your puppeteer.

You supply me with plushies, and I can permanently control them with thin mana strings. These strings are produced by the ring on each hand that also produces a magic circle on each hand. Once I have "raised" a plushie it's under my control until I die, or its destroyed. I can move control from one plushie to another and if I have one large enough, I can even use it as a mount.

Depending on how strong, durable, and high quality it's material is made of I can even channel magic through it and cast mid level spells through it as well. If I'm ever without a plushie, I can use shadow puppets to create temp. Plushie soldiers but, they only last for the battle and take a large portion of my man's to create.

Now. That being said, my hands are my main weapons so they must be protected. I keep them constantly moving and dance around the battlefield on the sidelines. Why the sidelines and distance attacks? I am a last person and hate getting in physical confrontations. So, my solution to my laziness is long range magic.

As for armor, I wear lolita style dresses. Stripes optional. The more ornate and fancy the dress the more powerful and strong my attacks and the more plushies I control at once. Eleven produced armor or demonic produced will have higher magic turn out than human based armor for me. High quality makeup heightens my intellect. Why? Because I'm a girl and I love looking pretty.

Now, let's talk about how you meet me and get me to join your party. In a remote mage village I own my own tea parlor. Tea is how I restore mana. (I am an avid tea drinker of many flavors. 5+ cups a day) if you present me with a music box (music is very important to me and I absolutely love music boxes. The sounds are so soothing) I will join your party as your long range magic attacker. As for my name, Sylvie Giselle the plushie puppeteer.

This type of detailed explanations are what I want from you lovelies. Please enjoy and have fun!

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