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Judai Pegasus pony
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Pose reference + Duel Academy background + Reference for "cutie mark"

Materials: iPad Drawing app + Photoshops


Well I finally did it. I turned my anime spirit animal Judai Yuki into a Pegasus Pony. To be honest this wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I was originally going to make his body color light brown but I felt red fitted him much better due to his Slifer Red jacket plus his personality.

I tried to make his pony appear as it would in the 4th season of GX if the characters of GX were Ponies that is. His body is bright red with his mane and tail being that mixed brown and orange which worked real well for a ponyfied design. If Judai lived in the world of Ponyville I could see him being good friends with Rainbow Dash and racing her through the clouds and helping the mane 6 save the day from the various threats that threaten Ponyville and Equestria. Would be pretty awesome.

Anyway artwork comment is related: Again drawing this wasn't as challenging as I thought, well actually the pose itself was a bit challenging and so were the wings, well wing. And of course designing an appropriate cutie mark was tough too. But I came up with kind of a fusion swirl with the "H" from the Hero Signal trap card since Judai's deck theme is Fusion and Elemental Heroes.

I ended up having to fix quite a bit with Photoshop such as cleaning up the lineart, the colors, adding shading, added the cutie mark, and a "background". No I didn't design the background. It is just Duel Academy (original image is linked above)

Anyway hope everybody enjoys my draw of Pegasus Pony Judai. Would you guys like to see me Ponify my favorite Bracelet Girl Ruri?
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Dedicated to theLostSindar as a late birthday gift. Hope you like it. Hope you had a good birthday. Your art inspires me.

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