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Resources used for enhancement (Photoshop CS6)

Heart bokeh | Vignette border

Materials: Sketchpad 9 x 12 in, pencil, marker, crayola colored pencils, iPad, Photoshop

Time completed: 3 hours drawing process, 1 1/2 hours coloring, All together about 4 hours on and off over a couple day period of time.

As the title of this piece states, this is my 100th Draw on theOtaku.com. It took me a long time to build up this many draws. When I think back to the first draw I submitted back here in middle school, it blows my mind to see how far I've come over a long period of time in my art. If it wasn't for the many creative and inspiring artists on this site, encouragement and support from my awesome nerds, and seeing many wonderful and colorful arts decorate this site I would have honestly given up on art a LONG time ago. So I am very thankful to have this platform to upload and share my work with the internets. So thank you everypony for the support for my work over the years and for your encouragement. There isn't a day that goes by that I ain't thankful as hell. So thankful, from the bottom of my creative Brony Otaku heart.


Overall it took me a couple days and 4 hours on and off to complete this draw. I started it on Sunday. I didn't get a chance to color it until today because I was busy studying for a test, doing homework, and just being tired.

In my mind it just felt right to do my 100th draw in traditional format. That way it meant more. You know what I mean? Anyway I drew it in my new sketchpad that I received for my birthday from a very kind lady. Anyway I started out in pencil. The idea for this draw just came from the idea that I should draw myself being happy with my two main favorite characters, Johan and Ruri. Then I decided to draw four more favorites in the background.

I was very picky and choosy in the characters I wanted to draw. In my head I wanted to draw this whole group but honestly in reality it just wouldn't have worked. Plus it would have been a very convuluted draw. Six was a good number. A nice even number.

I had myself embracing Ruri and Johan because to me I felt like these two kind have been there for me recently. Does that make sense? Well they have been there in the sense that they have kind of helped guide me toward the path I'm on now. Same for the background characters. I've been watching the original Yu-Gi-Oh and felt like drawing my two faves, Joey and Kaiba. Along with a more recent favorite Sunset Shimmer as she appears in the Equestria Girls movies. And Serena was my first anime female crush and my first favorite bracelet girl.

For the actual drawing process well drawn in pencil, a few references such as screenshots and official art was used for a few characters. And I came up with the poses on my own. Didn't really have a reference for those. Overall I'm pretty happy with how they came out.

As for the coloring, I did my best to take my time and go back over what I colored to shade a little bit to try to give my characters dimension. While my coloring isn't as professional as some other ponies, I'm happy with what I did here. I spent time on it because I cared about producing a quality draw that could be worthy of being the 100th one.

And of course dropped kicked it into Photoshop to enhance the colors because the photo never does any draw justice. Trust me when I say this draw looks better in real life. But for what I could do with an Ipad camera and having Photoshop to touch it up a bit, I'm pretty thankful. I don't have access to a scanner like many people do so I have managed to do the best I can with what I have.

On a random note, listened to a variety of music while making this. Some musics include Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks/Friendship Games soundtrack, Beauty and the Beast 2017 soundtrack, Reba, insert awesome Japanese music here, and a mixture. So music had a big part of creating this draw too. I owe a lot to music to tell you the truth. Music inspires me. Music is life.

Well I can't just dedicate this to one single pony so I dedicate it to EVERYPONY! Thank you again for just being here and being awesome!

Hope y'all enjoy the draw.

Yu-Gi-Oh Fan Art
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