Rainbow Dragon (Fan Art Portfolio) Luna and Snowdrop

Luna and Snowdrop
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Materials: 8 1/2 x 11 paper, pencil, marker, cardboard, wire for hanging, Photoshop for enhancements.

Time spent: 2 Hours approximate

Inspired by this MLP fan animation "Snowdrop" by SillyFillyStudios


Well after watching the first two episodes of MLP season seven (*squee*) I ended up roaming around Youtube and watching different Brony fanmade animation projects. Snowdrop was one of the those videos I ended up watching and it gave me feels.

Snowdrop is a blind Pegasi filly who has to make a gift to give to the princesses. And you really just should watch it. It is really a beautiful animation and so cute. I cried at the end. Well Alicorns live forever (as far as we know) in the MLP universe and after thousands of Years passed and of course Snowdrop passed on and the last thing Luna and Celestia had of Snowdrop was that little snowflake she carved out of ice. When it was released I cried like a baby. It just really hit me in the feels. And now Snowdrop is one of my favorite fan ponies. She's so cute.


Art related comment: So after browsing around on the internet I looked at some pictures of Luna and Snowdrop and I found one that inspired me with the quote she says while praying in the film. She just wanted to do her best and make the best gift she could despite her blindness. I was touched by it. So I ended up drawing Princess Luna (first time drawing her) and little Snowdrop perched on a cloud and made some shapes to hang from this little decoration thing.

Between drawing it out, coloring my characters and shapes, spending time cutting everything out, and then putting it all together. This roughly took me a few hours. It has kind of been awhile since I made anything like this. One thing I can say about My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and its bronies is that they've been inspiring me to create things again.

While I know Luna's and Snowdrop's colors aren't 100% exact, I did the best I could given the colors I had to use. I think they came out alright. Snowdrop is kind of a light pale arctic blueish color and Luna is kind of a dark indigo blue with a celestial looking mane. I did my best to capture their likenesses in my style. Overall for a first time drawing these characters, I'm happy with how they turned out.

Well I hope everypony enjoys what I made here.

My Little Pony Fan Art
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