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How does a moment...?
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Materials: Sketchpad, pencil, marker pen, Crayola colored pencils, Photoshop, phone camera (to take picture of art)

Time taken to complete: 5 days (line art 2 hours, coloring 2 hours)

Canon Characters featured: Ruri Kurosaki (ARC-V), Sora (KH), Fluffle Puff (MLP FIM OC (NOT MINE)), Derpy Hooves (MLP FIM)

Original "characters": Luke (my brother in Graduation) and myself (next to Luke in yellow Jacket with Brown hair)

Title borrowed from this Song


Wow long time no upload or updates. Yes. I have been busy/distracted with school, other online stuff, and just lack of inspiration/art block has kept me from making arts. So I made an art. It has been awhile but here is something.

This is a drawing done in kind of a Yu-Gi-Ohish style of myself and my graduating brother, Luke. I had meant to have this drawing colored and uploaded here for like a whole week now. I just had time tonight to color this. I spent roughly a few hours coloring this with my music playing in the background.

The original idea behind this drawing was to try to make this like one of those manga scans that had a graduation theme. But this ended up being like a photo with a few characters kind of "photobombing in the background" I guess?

The poses are based off of a real photo that was taken at my brother's graduation. Sora ended up in here because he kind of represented both mine and my brother's love for Disney and he's been there for us growing up. Luke would watch videos of Kingdom Hearts play throughs and I have actually played a majority of the Kingdom Hearts games on PS2/DS. Sora kind of represents optimism as he is an optimistic character. So I could totally see him photobombing our photo if he was real.

Ruri is kind of my addition as she kind of helped me through a hard time. I drew this drawing to represent both our transitions in life, the ending of my spring semester, the beginning of my summer semester in college, my brother's graduation, and hope for an optimistic future.

I also added Derpy Hooves and Fluffle Puff from My Little Pony just as random characters for the background. Just kind of happened. Plus Derpy holding a muffin is cute. I don't know, it just happened. It originally started out as something else but ended up being Fluffle Puff and Derpy.

As I draw I usually go through this process of trying to decide what characters fit sometimes besides the main focus of the art. I wanted to draw something representing a huge change in both of our lives. And this drawing ended up representing that.

Overall it took quite a while for me to finally get this put up online due to a number of reasons, mostly school and being easily distracted. But it is here now. During the color process, I was trying to give it that manga scan look, I think I did that sort of in Photoshop during the enhancing/clean up stage. Overall I think it turned out alright.

Anyway forgive my long description, just had a lot to talk about with this piece. Hope everyone enjoys the art. It has been awhile. Feedback is always appreciated, thanks for just simply viewing, liking, favoriting. Your guys' support means a lot to me. I wouldn't have been able to draw again if it wasn't for this place. Thanks again.

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animeself, brother and sister, crossover, derpy hooves, diploma, duel academy, fluffle puff, friendship is magic, graduation, kingdom hearts, little brother, muffin, my little pony, personal, ra yellow uniform, ruri kurosaki, self insert, sora, super luke, yu-gi-oh arc-v, yu-gi-oh gx
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