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Day in the Sun
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So I was looking at the Fanart Challenge "Summer crossovers" and I thought about Scooby-Doo and Goofy at the beach. But then I thought going with a humanoid dog wouldn't be as fun as a Dalmatian and then there was so much unused space (next to the sun) that I decided there should be a bird ... well the bird became Dumbo and since I already had a Dalmatian on the beach looking up I thought it was right to include the littlest elephant with the biggest ears =) Then I decided Jid needed some love so he's playing with a ball on the beach next to the Dalmatian while Scooby bends the fence in search of Hot dogs and Hamburgers.

Scooby-Doo belongs to Hanna-Barbera
Dumbo belongs to Disney

Dalmatian is inspired and may resemble one of the 99 pups from any incarnation of 101 Dalmatians [I just drew a pup with spots].

Jid belongs to me =)

I'm not sure if this can actually be used as an entry for cowboysean's contest since the category says "Anime & Manga" but I thought I'd go ahead and post it anyways.

Since there isn't a specified minimum number of entries per user I might try and draw Ryoma Echizen (The Prince of Tennis) & Deiter (Monster) doing something under the sun [playing their respective sports].
Or Mokona (xxxHolic/Tsubasa Resevior Chronicle) and a Pokémon or Digimon doing something summery.

Crossover Anime and Manga Fan Art
Cartoon Network Character, Dalmation, Disney Characters, Dumbo, Hanna-Barbera Character, Jid, Scooby-Doo
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Summer crossovers
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