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I thought I had a better name but here's the way I'll do this.

A long time ago I had an X-Men Encyclopedia with data on all of the X-Men mutants, it was awesome.


Name: Warp
Alias: The Transporter
Age: 20
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 160 lbs
Mutant Abilities:

  • -Teleportation
  • -Phasing through matter (solid matter as well as organic/inorganic matter)
  • -Technopath (can influence technology with his mind)
  • -Advanced data processing/intellect
  • -Superhuman speed, stamina, and agility

Warp, nicknamed KJ, was a student at an illustrious STEM academy, but whose personal interests were far removed from such studies. He was a writer and artist by trade, and merely did what was necessary to pass classes. After nearly failing, his will to succeed drove him to studying for his Physics classes day and night.

One day he was working on a project, a particle accelerator that was capable of moving objects in a manner that could "teleport" them or instantly move them from one place to another. Unfortunately, the nuclear-powered device began to malfunction, and nearly killed another student. KJ pushed her out of the way in the nick of time, but as a result was exposed to piercing radiation that penetrated every atom of his body for a brief moment.

Instead of dying, his cells adapted to the radiation and began to adapt the properties of the nuclear-powered particle accelerator. This allowed him to warp either part of his body or his entire being across limitless distances. The only requirement for his teleportation would be that he has to know where the location is and his cells must have enough energy to launch himself the distance. This requires him to intake more calories than the average man, so he keeps copious amounts of food on him at all times to ensure that he will not lose the energy to teleport.He also gained the ability to influence electromagnetic fields as well as manipulate radio transceivers, electrical systems, and nuclear powered systems since fragments of the machine were lodged into his prefrontal cortex and began to bind to him over time.

As a result of the mutation, he was temporarily discharged from the academy but was offered a chance to return once his cosmetic surgeries were completed. In the meantime he wanted to build his body in order to come back stronger, but while he trained, his mind would continue to work on complex problems non-stop. The excessive thought combined with his intense physical training ended up allowing him to burn a lot of calories and accelerate his metabolism at the same time. For a while he could not sleep because of the constant use of energy, but with a proper balance of using his ability to teleport as well as constantly expending energy, he was able to live a functional lifestyle. He is still waiting to return to the academy, but makes his money as an amateur cage fighter.

X-Men Fan Art
OC, Teleport, Warp
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